AK Residence

The AK residence is located in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. Our scope of works comprised of a gate, a main entrance door with two windows, two side doors and spiral handrail spanning two floors. The main challenge of this project was to create a unique concept for each element of the project while having the designs go well together and with the theme of the surrounding living space. The designs were meant to be distinctive but at the same time speak the same language. Each element was required to bring its own sparkle to the residence without overshadowing any other element.

The French-themed gate of the residence was adorned with intricate leaves and flowers and topped with a magnificent welcoming crown. The doors and windows, impenetrable with curls of steel provided just the right amounts of security and style. Reflective, double glazing insulated glass was used to welcome in rays of sun into the living space while leaving the heat behind. Finally, the handrail which required the longest time to forge, speaks for itself. It consisted of more than 50 leaves per panel and a handsome wooden oak top rail to finish it off.