Why Iron Doors instead of Wood are a better option for the UAE and Similarly Hot Climates

Many of our clients have requested wooden doors with iron designs for their homes. While it is true that wooden doors create warm, cosy entrances, it is important to know that it cannot always be practical, particularly if exposed to humidity or sandy storms as is the case in the United Arab Emirates weather climate, which only a well-galvanized iron door can withstand.

However, while we do sometimes integrate wood in our doors, we prefer to keep them for indoor use, so that they do not get affected by the temperatures outside.

For clients who insist on having a wooden door outdoors, we had provided a second option which had quickly turned to become our most popular request, iron doors consisting of branch-like designs of Rococo metal artwork painted with earthy colors to give the impression of wooden texture without the worry of it being worn down by hot or sandy weather climates.

We also make sure that our doors can be conveniently used. Glass is a beautiful feature for the background of any iron door. Since 2011, our doors have the option of also being used as windows, where you may open it from the inside, so that while keeping the door closed, it becomes easier to clean the glass or even let in fresh air.

Glass window in door   glass window in door   

Choufani wooden door with wrought iron decor, installed with glass windows