About Us

Choufani Wrought Iron L.L.C was established in 1987 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Choufani remains to this day a family business devoted to quality and innovation. Since its early beginnings, Choufani has delved into numerous movements of wrought iron. After a long exploration of classical world of wrought iron during the 1980s and 1990s, Choufani leaped into different worlds such as the Art Nouveau, Contemporary, Rococo, and Art Deco movements making it the first in the region to explore and make these styles available. Choufani has since been committed to creating fresh designs & colors & has vowed never to bore customers!   


  • 1987, Choufani Wrought Iron was established in the United Arab Emirates, working closely with institutions from Germany and Austria, training local staff, acquiring machinery, and expanding production capabilities.
  • 1994, Fabrication area was expanded to a 1500m² workshop, introducing a new production program of wrought iron furniture.
  • 1994, Choufani established a showroom for furniture and interior design items and accessories in Abu Dhabi.
  • 1996, Fabrication area was expanded one more time to a 2250 m² workshop, with new machines and equipment.
  • 1996, German Krieger Classic Iron Systems Establishment awarded Choufani a Certificate of Excellence, for using advanced equipment and technology for the production of high quality wrought iron designs.
  • 1996, Awarded the Golden Anvil Award for developing wrought iron products of the finest quality.
  • 1997, International WHO’s WHO of Professionals selected Mr. Walid Choufani as an honored member in its annual directory for his professional achievements.
  • 2004, Expanded furniture store to include a larger variety of furniture, artwork, interior items and accessories.
  • 2012, Moved the showroom to Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi.
  • 2018, Fabricated the largest known wrought iron chair. Currently on display in the showroom.
  • 2019, Opened an online store.