What We Do

Besides our ready-made products, Choufani has long been in the field of custom made works. Our portfolio includes doors, gates, fences, handrails and domes. It makes us very proud to see exterior projects in the UAE, such as gates and fences produced and installed 30 years ago, looking now as they did then, having withstood the test of time in a hot and humid climate.



We consider every project, however large or small, a new creative challenge. During the design process we work closely with our clients by providing guidance and advice to produce the most suited design for the space.


After the design stage, our team of skilled blacksmiths produce the design. After the construction of the raw product, it is leveled, sanded and any imperfections sealed. This cosmetic stage is tedious but it is essential to the quality of the product. The product is then galvanized and painted. The painting job is performed by our experienced painters who use a variety of techniques depending on the desired finish.


The bigger the gate, the more enthusiastic our installation team is about having it fixed! Cranes, trolleys, bolts, belts, those are things which please the team.


We are always available should the need for maintenance arise!

Mission Statement

  • Providing personalized care to every project.
  • Involving our passion for beauty and design at every step of the way, to provide the latest trends and designs.
  • With the knowledge that a beautiful living and working environment is essential to a healthy and joyful life, we seek to bring to our clients exactly that, through the understanding of their needs, the invention of creative ideas, and the best quality material and workmanship.